Give Help

  • Volunteer—Check our event board to see ways you can get involved, contact organizations directly to offer help, or look at our “Needs” page for updated ways you can contribute to the community.
  • Advocate—Write a letter on behalf of a homeless issue you care about, attend a legislative or assembly hearing, or work to support a particular organization.
  • Donate—While the Juneau Coalition on Housing and Homelessness does not accept donations, most of the organizations that make up JCHH function with the help of community support and accept donations directly.
  • Employ a person experiencing homelessness—Unemployment is a challenge faced by many of those without homes. If you have day labor, or a full time job, and are willing to consider hiring a person who is currently homeless, that would be a great way to contribute. Call the Glory Hole at (907) 586-4159 with any employment needs.
  • Rent to a person experiencing homelessness—Many people have housing vouchers or other means of payment but cannot find a place to stay. If you are a landlord, you can make a dent in homelessness by renting to someone who does not currently have a home, and who may have a less than shining rental history. To find and help someone who may need a hand up, please call the Glory Hole at (907) 586-4159, or a number of the other service organizations listed on this webpage.
  • Join Us!—Become a member, or just show up to one of our meetings, held at 12Noon on the 3rd Thursday of every month.